Missy Maverick has saved the day again.  She pardoned a tarkey named “Thanksgiving”. Hes so lucky that he was the biggest bird around.  Isn’t it about time for President Bush to save another feathered friend? Next year Obamar can do the same thing. 



Sarah Palin Pardons a turkey.

Sarah Palin Pardons a turkey.


The tarkey in the background was not so lucky.

The tarkey in the background was not so lucky.

(NECN/KIMO) – Alaska Governor Sarah Palin pardoned a turkey at Triple D Farm and Hatchery in Wasilla. Without hesitation, she picked out one that weighed over 30 pounds, and named it “Thanksgiving.” The governor stepped right in the turkey pen.

With many to choose from, she looked for the biggest bird she could find. The turkey will be donated to the Good Shepard Lutheran Church in Wasilla.

Palin expressed the importance of offering a helping hand to those in need. She said events like this make her job very enjoyable.

Last year, more than 45,000 turkeys were sold at Triple D, the largest poultry supplier in Alaska.

Tarkey Video


Now we know what this governer things all about. Commanding millitary when they’re gone, pardonin’ tarkeys,  gettin’ paid for stayin’ home sometimes, makin’ new scientific theory no matter what those scientists with their facts say, and makin’ sure her people get their oil checks fer livin’ in the great north.  That executive power is sure in good hands.  Go Palin 2012!

Liberals are socialists. Socialism is bad. Redistributing wealth by 3% more? Community organizing? A universal healthcare service? That’s what may be comin’. Can ya believe it?

We need to get rid of socialisim before it spreads to our health care. So we need to make the police, K-12 education, libraries, firefighters all pay per use before it’s too late. Next time someone needs the police they have ta provide insurance cards or cash before they can stop the robbers. If your house is on fire remember your wallet before you hop out the window. If ya can’t afford it, well that’s the breaks.

All those tax dollars on free programs have been bankrupting us for years. They’ll might give ya part of your tax dollars back from all that socialism. You’re gonna need it to pay the insurance companies for safety coverage plans and your child’s K-12 education.

Sarah Palin might get a book deal but not yet. Isn’t that what Mr. Obama did? Boy, she sure is becoming a celebrity. She’d better get to readin’ and writin’ cause we all wanna here bout her work day in Alaska and what there is to do up there when you aren’t havin’ kids.

Here’s the book deal article.

Do you wanna see Ms. Palin in that big White House?

Golly, Sarah likes her beauty pageants.  After all she was Miss Wasilla and almost Miss Alaska 1984. I thought about what it would be like to have a Politian and First lady Pageant. We’ll call it the Ms. Pantsuit Contest. Here’s what happened:

Sarah Palin trys for Ms. Pantsuit 2008 but loses to Hillary Clinton.

Sarah Palin trys for Ms. Pantsuit 2008 but loses to Hillary Clinton.

Sorry, Mrs. Clinton was the favorite and Sarah Palin was runner-up again! Better luck next time.

It appears the only thing holdin’ Sarah Palin back from the reporters was the 2008 V.P. campaign and those silly advisor people. Now that it’s over, you betcha she is talkin’ up a storm and those liberal news media can’t get enough. This hockey mom is a super famous celebrity right now! I’ll keep you updated on the exciting antics of this Mavericy Republican MILF. Gee whiz, wonder if there’s gonna be a moose hunt? Palin 2012!